Friday, October 28, 2011

Wanna go curly?

 Just follow this steps.


Now do the same with the rest of the hair locks and get ready to be curly!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Karlovy Vary-a place to be

I discovered this place on internet forum 2 years ago and i fell in love with it immediately.
I thought i would never have a chance to go there, see that beauty and feel that peacefulness, but life's so weird so on this day, last year i was walking on Karlovy Vary's streets.
So yes, one of my biggest wishes became true.
Here's some memories from there.
Hope you'll like it :)

and for the end...

It's never too late to be fashionable :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

How stuffs are made

I am not so good at drawing, but this is one on my favourite hobbies, so i am doing it just for fun :) Hope you'll like it :))

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Кафе за добар почеток
   Некој рекол "по утрото денот се познава"
Сте размислувале за тоа што ги прави утрата убави?
Постојат милион причини : утринското сонце, дождот. топлата постела, прегратката на саканиот или пак кафето.
     Кафето може да биде ваш најдобар пријател. Ги слуша сите ваши разговори без да ги прекине, причина е за многу состаноци, секогаш е со тебе кога си осамен.
Се што треба да направиш е само да го приготвиш.
Не е важно дали денот ќе ви почне со турско кафе, макијато, капучино или нескафе. Уживајте!!!!
 Моментално пијам нескафе, па наздравје.

Coffee for a good begining
 Someone said "the day is known by the morning"
Have you thought about what makes the mornings so beautiful?
There are millions of reasons: the morning sun, rain. warm bed, your lover's hug or  coffee.
      Coffee can be your best friend. It listens all your conversations without interupting them, it's the reason for many dates, always with you when you're lonely.
All you need to do is to prepare it.
No matter whether the day will begin with Turkish coffee, macchiato, cappuccino or nescafe. Enjoy!!
I am drinking nescafe at the moment, so cheers.